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Keep your property’s landscaping and gardens looking their best with a garden sprayer that makes it easy to apply herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and more. There are three main types of garden sprayers: pump sprayers, electric sprayers, and pressure washers. Pressurized tank sprayers provide a precise, on-target, non-drift spray that is effective for soil and lawn pests. Tank sprayer capacities range from 1 quart to over 3 gallons for handheld models.

At Perris Hydroponics, we carry a wide variety of sprayers, including handheld options, backpack styles and pull-behind sprayers. Manual pump sprayers are a great and economical solution for treating soil and lawn pests. Whether you are spraying fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides these sprayers are the best available for hydroponic garden care.

Lawn & Garden Sprayers - Pump Sprayers

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