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AMDRO® Mole and Gopher Killer Bait, Ready-To-Use For Lawns (1 lb.)

AMDRO® Mole and Gopher Killer Bait, Ready-To-Use For Lawns (1 lb.)


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AMDRO 1 lb. Mole and Gopher Killer Bait Ready-To-Use for Lawns

AMDRO Mole and Gopher Killer Bait effectively controls the moles and gophers that tunnel underground creating ridges, mounds, surface tunnels causing plant and lawn damage. The ready-to-use bait can be placed directly in active burrows or tunnels of pocket. This product may only be used to control moles and pocket gophers in manual, below ground applications in lawns.

Features & Benefits

Take back your lawn from damaging moles and gophers with Amdro® Mole & Gopher Bait. This pelletized bait is highly effective and easy-to-use with the convenient shaker canister.

  • Amdro Animal Traps & Rodent Control
  • Kills pocket gophers** and moles*
  • Ready-to-use pellet bait (pellet gopher bait)
  • Only use in active burrows
  • This product is applicable for the following pest types: Gophers, Moles

*Not for mole use in California or Indiana. Not for use against star-nosed mole in North Carolina.

**Not for use against gophers in North Carolina


Concentrated or Ready to Use Ready to use Included Items Granules Only
Indoor/Outdoor Outdoor Location Garden, Indoors, Lawn, Perimeter, Personal
Organic Non-Organic Pack Size 1
Pest Common Name Gopher, Mole Pest Control Type Lawn Insect Control
Primary Active Ingredient Zinc Phosphide Product Weight (lb.) 1 lb
Safe for Edibles No Safe for Pets Yes
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