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Bond® Jute Twine, Natural (200 ft.)

Bond® Jute Twine, Natural (200 ft.)


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Bond® Jute Twine, Natural Garden Twine (200 ft.)

This garden natural twine roll of 200 feet size soft garden twine. Jute twine is made from natural fiber and is biodegradable. Can be used for countless jobs around the garden. This excellent quality twine is strong, but it won't cut or harm plants.

About Natural Jute Gardening Twine

  • Ideal for outdoor gardening needs
  • Material: Each roll of natural jute twine contains 2 strands of ropes with the width of 2mm respectively, strong and durable.
  • Natural Color: Fresh and beautiful to fit for your vine plants, flowers, tomatoes and cucumbers or other gardening needs.
  • Features: The Natural String Rope is anti-corrosion, anti-friction, anti-stretch and tough, you can use it for many times.
  • Function: Hemp Rope can wrap the stems together and tie plants to support sticks and preventing it from collapsing.
  • Wide Applications: Natural string ropes are great for gift wrapping, bundling, DIY Art and craft, pennants, hanging accessories, tags, gardening purposes and home decoration.
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