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Boveda® B62 Two Way Humidity Control Pack, Size 67 (1 Packet)

Boveda® B62 Two Way Humidity Control Pack, Size 67 (1 Packet)


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Boveda B62 Cannabis Refresh, 62% RH Humidity Control, Size 67, Two-Way Humidity Control Pack For Storing Up To 1 lb. - Moisture Absorber for Storage Containers - Humidifier Pack - Hydration Packet - The Original Terpene Shield™

Keep it fresh for months! Boveda 62% is for you for stickier, fluffier & bouncier items or if you live in a low-humidity climate. Use Size 8 to store up to 1 ounce of items. Each 2.75”x2.5” humidifier packet fits in a small container, tin, or jar.

Boveda's the only patented 2-way humidity control solution with 25 years of experience. Using saltwater in our humidity packs, we provide the fastest, most precise humidity control in the market. When you invest in flavorful, aromatic, potent items, you want to ensure they stay fresh. Boveda is the only humidity solution that can do so within 24-48 hours.

About this item

  • To ensure zero gap in your 2-way humidity control, replace your Boveda every 3 months.
  • Order replacement packs BEFORE Boveda is rigid all the way through to avoid a lapse in humidity protection in your cannabis container.
  • Boveda is still working if you feel hardening at its corners or soft spots among some hard areas
  • Boveda is expired if the entire pack feels rock solid all the way through.


Trusted by over 3 million people to protect & maintain items at the perfect humidity level. WE GUARANTEE QUALITY! If you’re not 100% satisfied, reach out for a full refund for up to 1 year.


Boveda 62% RH keeps items fresh by stabilizing the humidity inside your airtight container. If the air inside your container is too moist, Boveda absorbs that moisture. If it's too dry, Boveda releases moisture into your container to bring what’s inside back to life. ADD A BOVEDA PACK RIGHT AWAY TO EVERY JAR, TIN OR BAG OF NEW ITEMS. You can also use Boveda 62 to restore overly dry items to its original vibrant state—the way nature intended.


It takes seconds to keep your natural items fresh. Remove the moisture packs from the resealable bag, slip the Boveda 62 humidity pack into your airtight container, fill the jar with your items, & close it. BOVEDA DOES THE REST. DO NOT cut or open the brown humidity packet. Replace every 3 months. You'll know it's time to swap out Boveda when it becomes hard and crunchy. NEVER MIX the 62% with any other %RH.


Boveda 62% RH is for anyone storing for consumption, transport, or collection. Consumers, retailers, and providers use Boveda to keep items fresh for months inside airtight storage containers.

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