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AgroMagen, GrowSafe™ Bio-Pesticide, Organic Natural Miticide, Fungicide & Insecticide, (1.45 Gallon)

AgroMagen, GrowSafe™ Bio-Pesticide, Organic Natural Miticide, Fungicide & Insecticide, (1.45 Gallon)


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Natural Pest Control For Organic Gardening

GrowSafe™ is an all-natural formulation made of a proprietary blend of 100% food-grade ingredients that effectively ELIMINATE, PROTECT & REPEL a variety of insects at all stages (adults, larvae & egg). GrowSafe™ controls and cleans infestations in vegetables, fruits, ornamentals, and cannabis growing facilities (indoor, outdoor and greenhouse) while promoting higher yields and healthy, disease-free plant growth.

  • It can be used from seedling up to last day of harvest
  • Contains all-natural and organic food-based ingredients for organic gardening that is non-toxic
  • The unified and stable oil blends better and safer than other oils for plants, it mixes easy with water without separation and does not burn or suffocate the leaves, effect the plant’s development, or change the fruit’s taste or flavor
  • Safe for human, pets, bees, ladybugs, and other beneficial predators
  • It can be used from seedling up to last day of harvest

Better And Safer Than Neem Oil And Other Oils For Plants

Non-Phtotoxic Solution To Protect Your Plants

GrowSafe is a unique emulsion that was developed by a team of talented agronomists and researchers. Together, they created a high stability formulation through a high-tech emulsification process using food-grade ingredients ONLY. Due to its high solubility performance with water, GrowSafe sprays evenly on every part of the plant without burning the leaves.

  • GrowSafe DOES NOT contain ingredients such as Isopropyl alcohol, soap, petroleum-based oils, azadirachtin, surfactants or essential oils.
  • GrowSafe is truly made of 100% FOOD-GRADE INGREDIENTS that can be purchased in any grocery store and is also OMRI listed for organic use.
  • Natural spider mite killer for plants

Natural Pest Control, Yet Superior To Traditional Chemicals

GrowSafe is a non-toxic emulsion with two mechanisms of action:

  • Physical-Coating: Repetitive spraying produces a protective layer providing defence from pests as well as their proliferation.
  • Phyto-Chemical: Natural plant protection elements present in the oils, serve as control & repellent.

GrowSafe Is Effective Against The Following Soft-Body Insects And Diseases

  • Two-spotted mites / Russet mites / Broad mites
  • Whiteflies
  • Aphids (excluded for Phorodon cannabis)
  • Powdery mildew / Downy mildew
  • Kills on contact
  • GrowSafe KIILS ON CONTACT (non-systemic), which means the product must get in contact with the insect in order to kill it.

What's GrowSafe™ Made Of & Why Its The Best (A Unique Formulation)

  • NON-PHYTOTOXIC - Produces homogeneous emulsion that does not separate (layer formation)
  • LONG SHELF LIFE - 2 years unopened and 6 months once the container is opened
  • SAFE FOR PLANTS - Can be used from seedling stage up to the last day of harvest
  • NON-TOXIC - Does not affect the flavor or taste of the plant
  • PROVEN RECORD - Over 10 years of experience
  • Organic pest control spray for plants
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