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Harris® Pro Sprayer, Spray Bottle, Mister (32 oz.)

Harris® Pro Sprayer, Spray Bottle, Mister (32 oz.)


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Harris® Pro Sprayer, Spray Bottle, Mister (32 oz.)

The Harris Professional Sprayer is not your average spray bottle. It's extremely durable and comes with the following 5 unique features: Adjustable Nozzle, Chemical Resistant Plastic, Extended Trigger Sprayer, Pressurized Spring Mechanism, and Measurements.

The Harris Pro Sprayer is so powerful it has an air vent design to prevent bottle collapse.

Do not turn bottle upside down as liquid may escape from the sprayer vent. For use in garden, home, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, and much more.

If using with chemicals, follow instructions on original container. Do not use with chlorinated solvent, paints, or liquids that harden or congeal or with combustibles or any material that may pose a health hazard if sprayed.


  • Adjustable Nozzle - From a fine mist to a solid stream, the sprayer can be easily adjusted to suit your needs
  • Chemically Resistant - The heavy duty 32oz bottle is chemically resistant to hold up against harsh chemicals and solvents
  • 4 Finger Sprayer - The extended spray trigger allows for a better grip during extended periods of use
  • Pressurized - The sprayer automatically reloads after every use, preventing you from having to squeeze multiple times to prime

About Harris

Harris is America’s oldest EPA-registered company. With more than 100 products, the company provides solutions to treat everything from roaches and bed bugs to scorpions and stink bugs. Harris helps customers find easy and economical solutions to pest problems through helpful labeling, instructive videos and personal advice.

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