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Ultra Tech Premium Horticultural Vermiculite, Medium Grade (12 Qt. Bag)

Ultra Tech Premium Horticultural Vermiculite, Medium Grade (12 Qt. Bag)


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Experience the magic of vermiculite for thriving plants. Simple, effective, and guaranteed results!

Medium Grade: Also Known as Medium Coarse or Coarse. Our most popular grade. Ideal for mixes, growing vegetables, hydroponics, and small area gardening. Sometimes referred to as 'coarse.'

For those cultivating organic crops and seeking an OMRI-listed and CDFA-certified solution for maximizing yield, your search ends here.

Our Medium Grade Horticultural Organic Vermiculite is meticulously crafted to prevent soil clumping, facilitating optimal root development. It serves as an excellent top dressing during seed germination, enhancing water retention in both soil mixes and trays.

Vermiculite proves indispensable in fostering healthy plant propagation. Widely acknowledged for its efficacy, it is frequently integrated into soilless mediums for creating custom mixes tailored to specific plant needs. Its versatility and benefits make it an essential component for plant enthusiasts.

Benefits of Vermiculite

  • Enhances soil structure, buffering the root zone for optimal growth
  • Holds moisture and nutrients effectively, providing a reservoir for later use
  • Supplies ample oxygen to roots, fostering stronger, healthier plants with higher yields
  • Clean, odorless, and non-toxic, ensuring a sterile environment free from bacterial or fungal infections
  • Improves soil structure by preventing clumping
  • Facilitates optimal root development for healthier plants
  • Enhances water retention in soil mixes and trays
  • Promotes better seed germination as a top dressing
  • Provides aeration to soil, promoting healthier root systems
  • Helps in creating custom soilless mediums for specific plant needs
  • OMRI listed and CDFA certified for organic cultivation

For Small Gardens and Hydroponics

Horticultural Vermiculite is a valuable growing medium for small area gardening and hydroponics. A mix of one part vermiculite, one part compost, and one part peat moss makes an ideal blend for small-area gardening, providing maximum growth.

A 50/50 mix of vermiculite and perlite is a popular medium for drip hydroponic and ebb-and-flow systems.

Mixed with natural soil, peat, organic compost, or bark, it will hold moisture, retain air, and provide plant food with a minimal amount of water required.

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